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The Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds may help you try to balance your pictures . Placing objects on the intersection of imaginary lines that cut the frame into thirds is a good way to start when trying to balance composition in a shot . Remember rules are not always meant to be followed !

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Sunrise @ Terrigal

This is another pic taken at Terrigal in two parts One exposed for the rocks f4.5 @  .30 sec The other for the sky  f4.5 @1/10 sec Taken on the 25 /2/11 parts of the horizon were thick with cloud  … i was lucky to go to the scallion to pick the sun breaking through […]

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Terrigal An amazing part of the NSW Central coast Lens 16-32 f2.8  shot a @ 16mm This shot was taken in two parts , one for the water which was with a slower shutter  .8 of a second f16 the second shot for the sky was @ 1/10th ofa sec. at f 16

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