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Art , Culture , Price & Experience

Culture and art have walked hand in hand since the beginning of time where a jade carved axe head was admired in prehistoric times . Art like culture transforms and evolves over time and has seen massive changes through the revolutions of the last two centuries . High Art still remains an elite collectible or may […]

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Slow Down

“Slow down and smell the roses “ Do you remember the last time you walked past a bakery and the smell overtook your senses ….. the next 30 meters seemed to be in slow motion as you enjoy the familiar aromas ……. Try  this in your car !!! We have all heard these types of  sayings […]

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Utilising your images

As a photographer  in the digital age  i have notice how many people have a digital camera . The costs of film are no longer an issue and people can snap away to their hearts content . Many people now have their computers packed with digital images and unfortunately don’t utilise them. Prints on canvas , […]

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