Art , Culture , Price & Experience

Culture and art have walked hand in hand since the beginning of time where a jade carved axe head was admired in prehistoric times .

Art like culture transforms and evolves over time and has seen massive changes through the revolutions of the last two centuries .

High Art still remains an elite collectible or may be obtained by our governments to display in state and national galleries for the public .

The industrial revolution helped make art more assessable to the masses through posters and prints … People could purchase copies of their favourite  pieces from around the world .

Technology and the digital age have made this even more accessible . You can now purchase original oils from places like China and Bali  for the price of a poster in Australia.

This Brining me to the point of this Blog …. WHAT IS THE EXPERIENCE ? ….

People are starting to want more for their money again ……. and the only way you can value add to a good or service is adding an experience or story .

Stories represent our experiences in life and the only way we can express them is through a story or a picture .

Picture this …… sitting in your living room with a 60 x 40 inch acrylic wall mount of a  favourite time or place ……….

Live it every day ART , CULTURE  , PRICE & EXPERIENCE …….Embrace our Digital Age !!




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