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Art, Culture, Price & Experience; Art like culture transforms and evolves over time. The Artworld has seen massive changes through the revolutions of the last two centuries.

High Art still remains an elite collectable. It may be obtained by our governments to display in the state, as well as, national galleries for the public.

The industrial revolution helped make art more assessable to the masses through posters, along with  prints

People could now purchase copies of their favourite pieces from around the world.

Technology and the digital age have made this even more accessible.

You can now purchase original oils from places like China and Bali for the price of a poster in Australia.

This Bringing me to the point of this Blog… WHAT IS THE EXPERIENCE?

People are starting to want more for their money again ……. and the only way you can value add to a good or service is adding experience or story.

Stories represent our experiences in life and the only way we can express them is through a story or a picture.

Picture this …… sitting in your living room with a 60 x 40-inch acrylic wall mount of a  favourite time or place ……….

Live it everyday ART, CULTURE, PRICE & EXPERIENCE …….Embrace our Digital Age !!

Perrin Clarke’s signature acrylic prints pop with clarity, sharpness and colour. 

We handle all printing & bespoke custom framing in-house. Large scale projects and collections for interior designers, architects, developers are available by request. 

Freight is included nationally and quotes readily available for overseas collectors.

Contact us directly for any enquiries and requests.


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