Mud Crab For Your Walls

Shooting a mud crab for a restaurant last week, It looked so interesting I thought I might take a shot at a series of still life wall art for the Gallery.

I Shot in natural soft light. I set the studio lighting so that it was coming in from the side angle.

It looked its best very low to produce the highlight on the claw.

I bounced some light back in from the other side and bottom setting  f8 @ 15 sec.

What do you Need to Begin your Still Life Project?

You may think that your photography gear is not good enough to try still life photography.

Maybe you are considering your need for studio equipment—macro lenses, tilt and shift lenses, flashguns, triggers, continuous studio lights and light modifiers.

Or perhaps you are concerned that you do not have a studio to house your projects.

Even though a professional may require a suitable set-up and expensive equipment, you can still take amazing photos with fairly basic equipment, directly in a corner of your living room.

Still, life photography encourages you to view your subject with an artistic eye. Play with lighting and backgrounds.

Keep costs low by getting creative and crafting DIY accessories and solutions to get the photograph that you want.

below, I have provided shortlists of materials and equipment that I suggest you have to begin tabletop photography.

Required Equipment: To achieve the still life Mud Crab For Your Walls

  • Any kind of photo camera; a digital photo camera is preferred because it is cheaper to run and you can have immediate feedback, but nothing prevents you from using your smartphone you may still achieve printable smaller shots with some editing.
  • Different textural materials to create the floor and background for your scene.
  • Small silver and white reflectors to bounce the light back into the scene. These can be easily built using tinfoil and cardboard.
  • Props: look around your home or visit a market for interesting, inexpensive props to enhance the scene.

Experiment on a Mud Crab For Your Walls.

A little photoshop and he’s ready to hang in your kitchen.

I would have it as a whole personally

Perrin Clarke still life-Food series is on show at his Gallery or available online

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