Restaurant Art – some tips

restaurant art

Finding a suitable theme for your restaurant art can be as important as the menu.

Adding artwork can really bring the restaurant together and give it a wow factor.

Here are a few ideas:

Finding Artwork For Your Restaurant

One of the most challenging questions any restauranteur will have is, “where do I find the right artwork?”

Usually, your interior designer should be sourcing the artwork from local stores, or better yet, local artists.

This can elevate the restaurant’s feel and give your patrons another unique feature to tell their friends about.

Restaurant Art Food Themes

Photos of food that you serve or reasonable likeness if abstract can encourage people to order those items.

If you are an Italian place, have exciting and even actual photos of your food.

It’s an excellent way to advertise your menu and still have exciting pieces of artwork on display.

Suppose tomato sauce is a significant ingredient you use.

Your art could use tomatoes, the colour red and pictures of prepared food to display in your menu.

It’ll make the restaurant art work.


It’s also lovely to have landscapes or pictures of specific locations or historical sites for your artwork.

A Chinese food place can have photos of the region the food originates.

Consider historical images of what your building used to look like, how the street looked when the city was first built, or attractive locals or newcomers.

Supporting Local Artists

Many restaurants change their artwork by allowing local artists to display art for a limited time.

It’s a beautiful way to get people interested in local artists and help out someone that could probably use it.

Rotating the artwork, say every month is also attractive to your regular customers. They will often come back just to see what’s new. It can give them an excellent opportunity to showcase their work and give you an ever-changing decor.

Things to Avoid

Restaurant art that shows animals can be lovely, but not if they are actually offered on the menu. People often find this upsetting.

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