Built-in Obsolescence… How it Relates to You!

As a socially acceptable norm things like fashion ,cars  and hair are continually updating . These industries thrive on our vanity and often relate to how we want people to perceive us .

Technology on the other hand has an inbuilt obsolescence .Old technology is put aside as new technology evolves .

Innovation and design affect function , functional obsolescence arrives when components are no longer made or manufactures plan that certain parts wear quicker than other (planned obsolescence )

Obsolescence by style  ……. unlike  your  fashion ,car or haircut , which are external  components of our persona . STYLE  relates to our inner psyche , or inner game .It could relate to the inside of our homes as we choose who we let in , compared to being on show in the public arena .


Looking at the inside of your home and particularly whats on your walls  …….. what comes to mind about your STYLE ?


Sofa and armchairSofa and armchair

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