Pet Portraits

Pet Photography because pets smile too

Beautiful pet portraiture brings joy.
We defuse the fuss with our approach to pet portraiture by being animal lovers.

Perrin Clarke Portraits capture your pets true essence or the unbreakable bond held between a child and their pet.

We offer a fun-filled, stress-free photo session to capture memories to last a lifetime.
The results can bring unique wall art and pleasure well into the future.

Making sure your shoot is successful for your pet, here are few tips before the shoot.

  • Book in your pet shoot at its most relaxed time of the day.
  • Groom your pet pre-shoot
  • Bring your pets, favourite toys and props.
  • Bring food treats and water for your pets.
  • When booking, feel free to discuss your pet’s personality with the photographer.

We make it fun and relatively relaxed for you and your pet in our air-conditioned studio.

Excellent Wall Art Prints That Will Last Generations.

We can offer special packages & rate for your prints on the day of your shoot.
The acrylic wall art of your Pet portrait will impress.

Final edits will be done post-shoot after the selection of your favourite shots.
We print as well and shoot our prices are reflective of this convenience for our clients.
Acrylic Prints – Acrylic Blocks – Canvas – Frames Fine art prints

The studio, located in the new relaxed air-conditioned industrial loft space at 3/9 Pioneer Close, Craiglie.
Call for an appointment 0740994532