Macro photos – close-up beauty

macro photos close up of a flower

The fascinating world of macro photos.

The best macro photos, regardless of camera, is taken with a small lens aperture.

Macro lens photography opens up a view of the most intricate and intriguing subjects. Create stunning, otherworldly artworks with macro photography prints.

When using a small lens aperture, you need more light.

Extending the exposure time will give correctly exposed photos.

Macro photography for interior design is marketable on many levels. The textural appeal, colour range and subject subtly work in internal environments from personal to public spaces.

Create an income from your macro photography.

Firstly, there are many fascinating macro photo subjects. If you are selling your macro photography prints in Australia, many topics suit this style.

  1. Flowers are a popular subject for their innate delicate design and stunning colours.
  2. The insect world has long been famous in science and has made its way into decorative interior design markets.
  3. Animals make great subjects for macro photography as well. Close up’s of eyes, fur or teeth.
  4. Not quite Macro, but close-up photography of miniature figures (LEGO®, Dungeons & Dragons etc.) is quite popular.

Macro photography, also known as close-up photography.

Compared to other photography types, taking macro photos is quite tricky because of the nifty equipment, lightning and different techniques required.

However, in the end, it’s determined by what kind of pictures you want to take and what level of precision you desire.

My macro photos.

Perrin Clarke Photography has an extensive collection of macro photography for art collectors and interior designers.

The ready-to-hanging artworks of various colour tones and textures are available here and in the Perrin Clarke Gallery, Port Douglas.

The Perrin Clarke Macro collection is extensive and a great fit for holiday homes, resorts and large scale areas like foyers and meeting places.

I’m available for purpose-driven projects or choose from my stock collection. Select your choice of print finishes when selecting macro photography prints.

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