Printing Your Images

printing your images

Printing Your Images is back in fashion, as well as, super accessible.

As a photographer in the digital age, I have noticed how many people have a digital camera.

The costs of the photography film are no longer an issue, also,  people can snap away to their heart’s content.

Many people now have their computers packed with digital images and unfortunately, don’t utilise them.

Printing your images seems like it went out the door with the camera film.

In reality, there are many new and exciting ways of printing your photographs

Printing Your images has become really accessible to the public, as well as, professionals.

Professional printing was always done in special labs and had an air of secrecy and for the Pro only.

With digital cameras, the digital printing revolution has made professional print accessible to all photographers

Prints on canvas, traditional prints or the new perspex/acrylic finish is now becoming very popular and readily available to the general public!

I use Imagebank Australia for all my print needs (and also work with them) so I know first hand their willingness to help the novice, enthusiast, amateur or working professional.

Imagebank Australia will assist you with any of your needs printing your photos on Acrylic, Canvas or Fine Art Media.

  • How big can I enlarge this image, can it be resized or copped?
  • Can you adjust the contrast/colour…yes
  • Can you size my photograph…yes,
  • What should I print my photos on not to mention, paper or canvas acrylic?

and the list goes on, call us or hit the direct button on their website with your image and all your questions?

If you want any of your work printed and ready to display contact today with any of your images and questions.

Also, stay tuned to my blog as I will be giving regular tips for shooting and printing your images.


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