Drone Photography tips for photographers

drone photography

Drone photography and composition is infinite from above.

Fitted with cameras In 1907, homing pigeons were the first ariel photographers.

Today Drone photography has become mainstream with professional and amateur photographers alike. The drone camera has made the skies for a new view of the world accessible and spectacularly creative.

The first non-military drones came onto the open market in 2006.

Drones were approved for commercial and recreational photography by American Civil aviation in 2006. This law passing opened up a wealth of practical uses, from surveillance to commercial photography. Importantly the drone camera opened up a new view of the world and a unique artistic expression for fine art photographers.

Due to its popularity, Drone Photography is affordable.

Not to mention for a Relatively low-cost, spectacular shots are produced with little manpower.

Not only … but also lightweight and compact, the drone has become famous for amateurs and professionals globally.

Firstly, Drone photography shots are some of the most spectacular on the planet. This little recorded view from above has opened up a billion-dollar industry in the media, entertainment and real estate sectors.

Secondly, many photographers have found that drones provide unique opportunities to compose images correctly.

Today’s popular drones allow the photographer to achieve the correct level of lighting and shadow. Drones can capture exact frames due to the level of control the flyer has.

Lastly, Drone photography offers a new and fresh perspective, with countless capture ideas and composition experimentation.

Furthermore, not limiting to eye-level composition, drone cameras give photographers a birds-eye view. Textural abstract and the many different viewpoints are limitless for the photographer.

I highly recommended proper training and practice.

Even with obstacle avoidance and GPS, smart system tracking accidents can happen.

Imagebank Australias Acrylic wall mounts are one of the best print mediums on the market for this style of photography.

I find this print medium is perfect for my drone images. It’s all about the view with an uninterrupted clean seamless, and crystal-clear look.

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