Australian landscape art

Australian Landscape Art

The sheer beauty of Australian landscape art lays in the continents vast expanse, different climates and varying landscapes.

Australia has modern cities, tropics, savanna, snowy mountain ranges, beaches, forest, woodland, wetland, grassland, rainforest and desert.

There is so much Australian landscape photographic art to choose from.

I’ve chosen to capture as much diversity as I can with my photography.

Travelling the east coast from the top of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef islands through New South Wales and all around Victoria.

Discovering many of the treasures that Australian landscape art can offer.

For some, the land is a metaphor for the natural world.

For others, it may be a representation of spirituality or the natural cycle of life and death.

What I love most about Australian landscape art is that it shows the boundless expanse of Australia, the beauty that is to be found around us and the world.

We see amazing things that we would never see again the same.

Australia has so many natural wonders that are unknown to most of the country’s residents.

When travelling the bush, you don’t know what you might come across.

Some of my favourite Australian landscape art photo’s are from Far North Queensland.

Not to mention the sparsely populated rainforest and the coastline provide amazing opportunities for photography.

This leaves me with ample opportunity to capture the perfect mood.

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