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There are three major styles of landscape photography

  1. Representational (also known as straight descriptive style)
  2. Impressionistic
  3. Abstract

Representational  Photography
Representational landscapes are the most natural and realistic out of all the styles of photography. They approach photography with a what you see is what you get mentality. No props or artificial components are added. However special attention is paid to the framing, lighting and composition of the image

Impressionistic Photography
An impressionistic landscape Photography carries with it a vague or elusive sense of reality. These photographs will make the landscape seem more unreal. The viewer is giving the impression of a landscape rather than the true representation of one.

Abstract  Photography
Abstract landscape photographs use components of the scenery as graphics component.  Abstract photography design is more important than a realistic representation of what is seen. The photographer may place emphasis on something which seems counterintuitive to place emphasis on. They may make use of silhouettes or other lighting techniques to highlight shape. They may focus in on an area within the landscape itself.

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