Sydney photography

Sydney photography

The charm of taking Sydney photography landscapes has been something that I have always had a fascination with. NSW and Sydney have drawn me in. It is a city surrounded by a vast harbour and gorgeous beaches. I had an amazing time experiencing the Opera House for the first time. I’ll never forget how the colours of the landscapes vary in Sydney during the day. The colours are extraordinary.

Bondi Beach can’t be beaten for Sydney photography opportunities

From tranquil beaches like Coogie and Cabarita to the stunning surf of Bondi Beach, Sydney hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Taking Sydney photography is almost a never-ending adventure. The rock pools at Fairy Bower are decorated with paint that wind and waves have battered for decades. Giving the pools a surreal look that lends itself to some wonderful photographic opportunities.

Sydney also has gems like the pier at Narrabeen Lagoon which is 50 meters long but tends to go on forever when shot from the right angle.

Mona Vale rock pool is another gem for Sydney photography. It’s sitting on the tip of the sand spit between two beaches. When the tide is high, the pool is enveloped by water, making it look like an island. When it is at low tide, you can see the rock shelf and the water spills over from the pool onto the shallow side onto the bejewelled seabed.

Bondi Beach is Australia’s famous beach, known all over the world. If you ever get the chance to shoot the beach by chopper or drone, don’t miss that chance. An aerial view of surfers may be tricky to find where the wave break is, however, the crystal clear aquamarine colour of the ocean at Bondi Beach can’t be beaten. The waves at Bondi are consistent and big hence its international fame. The photograph captures the wave as it has broken over the landscape.

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