Great Reception Area Tips for Design


Top 4 points of a Great Reception Area:

For lots of businesses, the reception area is an afterthought. That is after… we have assigned the employees and executives their workspace… after someone has suitably stocked the lunchroom with snacks… and after we have equipped the meeting rooms with state-of-the-art communication tools.

We all know about “first impressions”. Many key design elements need to be in sync for a reception area to impress and function well. Here are 4 interior design thoughts. If properly done, a well designed “reception” space will reap long-lasting benefits for a company.


Enter the desk. Make a big statement! It’ll be the MOST VIEWED piece of furniture in your office space! It must be a functional workstation for staff. Does the desk meet the needs for work surface space, storage and filing capacity? Is the desk ADA compliant?

Great Reception Area Seating

Seating is an obvious one… seating for guests, also another opportunity to make a statement. And let’s not forget about durability, compliance, and places for coffee cups!


Photography is one of the most underrated decoration ideas. Choose something from our landscape collection to really make an impact. For picture framing ideas, try our friends at Port Douglas Picture Framing. Artwork, plants, sculptures… reveal the human side of a business!


The most essential “must-have” of all. What a great opportunity to market your company brand to a captured audience! How is your logo featured? Is it lighted? Are awards displayed or just nailed up on a wall?

A well-designed reception area is a benefit for any business. It lets your customers know you better!

Home colours and office colours are not the same

Colour is tricky. It can be unforgiving. And trust me… EVERYONE will have an opinion! There are many reasons… lighting, trim, natural light, the scale to name a few—test colours in the actual work environment.

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