Rex Lookout Perrin Clarke Photography





1/20 sec

Focal Length

Lens 24-70 @24mm



Crop Ratio



Shot in Raw

edit Bridge and Photoshop

Rex Look Out Perrin Clarke Photography

-16.64633, 145.56542

Rex Lookout, located between Cairns and Port Douglas, gives a new view of Trinity Bay below and acts as a perfect backdrop for photos. Whether or not your a fan of sun and sand, the view is worth a stop. The lookout point is a popular spot for hang gliders to jump from and a busy meeting point for weekend travellers.

Don’t forget your camera, the coastal line, incredibly blue water, and the mountains in the back; this may be the perfect photo you ever take.

You may catch a hang glider float down to the beach below.

The lookout is just outside of Wangetti on Captain Cook Highway. Trinity Bay is part of the World Heritage Site, the Great Barrier Reef. Rex Lookout gives you the chance to view the Great Barrier Reef from a different perspective and provides a great resting point for those on longer road trips and need a place to stretch the legs and walk around.

The History of Rex Lookout

Rex Lookout, named after Raymond Rex, a long-standing Douglas Shire Councillor.

A valued member of his shire Raymond Rex stayed as chairman of the Douglas Shire Council for 45 years!

The community respected him tremendously and his efforts to have the Captain Cook Highway completed from Port Douglas to Cairns during “The Depression”. Although respected by many, others fought him in his determination to get the road finalised, believing that people would spend money elsewhere than Port Douglas and Mossman. And by elsewhere, they meant Cairns.

He also helped establish a water and power supply from Rex Creek while he was still alive. Mr Raymond Rex had a significant influence on the Captain Cook Highway Rex Lookout construction and other transportation developments. There is a plaque dedicated to him for visitors to pay their respects to Rex, a man who fought hard and long to finish a road.

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