Orpheus Island Queensland Photography




Orpheus Island Queensland Photography: This Photograph was taken at Orpheus Island Queensland Photography by using available light.

It was a slightly overcast day as well as, early morning. On the  2/10/2016 at around 18:16 using a Canon 5DSR

Orpheus Island lies off the north Queensland coast, 110 kilometres north of Townsville and 45 kilometres east of Ingham. Access is by charter or private boat. The closest boat ramp is at Taylors Beach, 25 kilometres from Ingham. There is also a boat ramp at Lucinda, but it is a little further from the island. Charter boat access is from Dungeness (Lucinda), 23 kilometres to the north-west. There are no roads or walking tracks on the island.

These coral lined beaches create Orpheus’s Stunning vistas from the beaches to the islands to the gorgeous coral in the outer Great Barrier Reef. Orpheus Island is a very peaceful, very private island and the water is pristine with lots of fish to swim with.

The soft morning light helps to give this photograph mood. The merging of the water to the shoreline is another key to the composition balance.

It has a vast number of photographic opportunities.

Using one of my favourite lenses, the Canon EF16 – 35mm f2.8.

The focus was on the foreground using an f stop of 20 keeping the picture sharp overall.

I have printed this image at 1.2 meters with great clarity.

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