Portrait Photography – and social media

portrait-photography-and social media-profiles

Portrait Photography, why it’s important, how to use it effectively and why it matters.

In a world saturated with social media platforms, online marketing gurus and the ever-improving quality of mobile phone cameras, it’s tempting to take your own photo for your Email Signatures and Social Media profiles.

In the first place, should you use portrait photography in your email signatures?

By and large, the answer is yes, you should if you have a professional portrait photo.

Portrait Photography in your email signatures makes your communication more personal, this gives a person who has never met you a face to relate to, they feel like they know you.

This is a big advantage when it comes to marketing your business or communicating on social media.

The first thing to remember, be consistent about using your portrait photography in your email signature and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Use the same photo everywhere that you are responding to or communicating personally.

Inconsistency is unprofessional.

Consistency is key to using your portrait photography effectively

We now understand the reasons for using a professional portrait and why it’s so important to your professional appearance, but we haven’t explored the tips to make sure you get good professional portraits.

Here are some tips for getting professional portraits taken.

  1. Don’t use SELFIES.
  2. Dress appropriately professional, decide later if you want a relaxed photo or a more formal look.
  3. Consider the background and your business marketing colour schemes.
  4. Head-shot or a creative portrait? What’s it going to be?
  5. To clarify, hire a professional for your portrait photography, that’s me! You won’t be able to get a portrait as professional looking as I can. To look professional you need a professional portrait photographer.

Book an appointment with me. Our studio photography is ideal for individuals, couples, families, children and pets.

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