Landscape photography room design


Landscape photography can act as a portal in a room design, bringing the truth and glamour of another place or time into the present moment.

Perrin Clarke Photography showcases large photographs in both black-and-white and abundant colours that help remake your interior environments’ beautiful.

I shoot photographs in Port Douglas, Melbourne and Sydney, where Perrin feels,

“There is an inherent comfort in a location that makes you feel a part of the experience”.

Do you want a magnificent wall in your room? Are the stock images in store not satisfactory or too lame?

Why not use landscape photography? Yes, we’re talking about real printed photographs.

This way doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time but produces a result you won’t be disappointed.

Why Perrin Clarke for your landscape photography?

My photography can turn your wall into a collage that takes your breath away or helps you relax.

I have collections of photos from Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Mix and match the landscape photography to create a mood in your room.

The possibilities are endless. Whether your room needs brightening, colour contrast or complementary colours, you’ll find something here.

Past clients have decorated their homes with my landscape photography mixed with my still life and even my panel photos.

“How we use photos is what makes it interesting to me.” 

“Consider a statement piece that sits on a table or bench that makes you stop and think about who or what’s the idea behind it? 

Perhaps a smaller photograph that sits on a bedroom dressing table or bathroom dresser.”

I sell acrylic block versions of all my landscapes photography. 

If you have your own photo’s you’d like to print, checkout our friends at Imagebank Australia, upload your own photos choose the printing method and decorate your home.

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