Number One Reason for Printing

Don’t Burn Your Photography Business number one reason for printing.

I have written the blog to specifically help photographers realise that their last client can pay for your new advertisement!

There are so many number one Reasons for printing

When you walk into a room with a beautifully presented image it STOPS you in your tracks!

The first question people usually ask is “who took that? “.

When a client orders prints or ready to hang products like acrylic or canvas prints from a photographer, the client will pay for the print.

Usually with a surcharge to the photographer.

We will ensure the quality of the product.  Quality inks and archival materials, also, colours are represented correctly.

Quality so that the finished product will last a fine art lifetime expectancy.

So here is where it all comes together.

The number one reason for printing is simple terms :

A Client pays for you (the photographer ) to organise prints for them (or you should be offering this).

Whether the prints go into their home, office, boardroom, foyer, showroom or any of the images of the place are displayed.

Q.  One of the first questions people ask is “who took that ?”

A.    Name ( The Photographer )  You!


WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO that works, as a number one reason for printing!

We work in the image industry and if you’re not taking advantage of free advertising by helping clients with prints or ready to hang products you and your clients are missing out!

We see a lot of people in our industry to avoid print for one reason or another.

“I just shoot and Burn ” …NO your lazy and your customers are not getting all the rewards of your work!

” My photos are only used on the web “Do your customers have an office or showroom where these images would look fantastic?

“My images are only used in annual reports ” etc. etc. etc.  These clients couldn’t possibly have a board room or foyer?

We are in a competitive time for photography, I can’t think of many industries where your advertising comes for free!

Ah Ha! …or burn another disk …

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Check out Imagebank Australia for all your professional  printing, They offer trade rates for professionals direct billing

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