Slow down your photography

slow down your photography

“Slow down and smell the roses ” by slowing down your photography.

Do you remember the last time you walked past a bakery and the smell overtook your senses?

The next 30 meters seemed to be in slow motion as you enjoy the familiar aromas.

We have all heard these types of sayings and metaphors.

Today’s fast passed digital age is where more photos will be snapped this year than in the first 100 years of photography.

The way we take photos today seems like there are 1000’s of images on your phone to 10’s of thousands on your computer.

Slow down your photography, select your favourite photos and let your senses have time to enjoy your photos.

Everything seems to be happening at lightning speed these days.

Don’t forget to utilise today’s technology, make a few prints, slow down, and let your senses soak up the atmosphere.

Personally, I love prints; I’m a photographer and recommend you too “slow down your photography.”

Digital photography has made printing affordable and accessible.

Everyone can use professional printing labs these days, as well as, amateurs.

All you need is a printing business that is happy to assist in sizing and happy to cut through the complicated technical issues.

Upload your favourite snaps from your smartphone or camera to slow down your Photography.

Instead of flipping through your camera roll constantly, why not print.

Print your favourite photos or sell your clients a print instead of just dropping everything on a stick.

Include an acrylic print in your package as a bonus, we guarantee they will be back for more.

Hang acrylic, canvas or photo paper or fine art prints on your wall slow down and look at your photography.

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