Slow Down

“Slow down and smell the roses “

Do you remember the last time you walked past a bakery and the smell overtook your senses ….. the next 30 meters seemed to be in slow motion as you enjoy the familiar aromas ……. Try  this in your car !!!

We have all heard these types of  sayings and metaphors ……..

In todays fast passed digital age where more photo’s will be snapped this year than in the first 100 years of photography . The 1000’s of images on your phone to 10’s of thousands on your computer seem to flash by like cars on the highway…..

Slow down …Pick out your favourite image and let your seances have time to enjoy it ….

Everything seems to be happening at lightning speed these days ……

Don’t forget to utilise our technology , make a few prints , slow down and let your senses soak up the atmosphere .



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