Images and doorways

Images and doorways, We have all heard the saying ” A picture is worth a thousand words’.

A thousand words can be very powerful.

Winston Churchill “We Shall Fight On the Beaches”

Mahatma Gandhi “Quit India ”

Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream”

The list goes on, words will make you have thoughts and images will pop into your head.

This also works the other way, an image can make you think, feel and have a reaction.

My point is words are powerful and words conjure equally powerful images in our minds, hence the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.

Images or pictures open doorways to feelings of sentiment, love, happiness, they can make us stop and ponder, smile or laugh.

Photo’s works on a deep level of our subconscious, they can change the mood we are in simply by opening a doorway to another time.

What mood are the images hanging on your walls at home or work creating in your life?

Open the doorway to your wedding, family, friends, holiday destinations simply by hanging images that create the mood you’re looking for

It’s a great environment to live in!

Fill your halls with happiness, images and doorways are easy to create

Find an image that conjures up a pleasant feeling, as well as, a familiar feeling.

Selecting is very simple, you will know when you see the image that works best to make you feel something.

Find the photograph that speaks to you. Beach landscapes, mountains or food shots.

Perrin Clarke photography has a vast range of images from panoramic landscapes, the close world of Marco photography.

The sill life food collection will open a door to your taste buds.

Perrin Clarke Photography Gallery 

2/35 Macrossan Street 

Port Douglas 4877

Prints Available on line  in Acrylic, Block, Fine Art Prints & Custom Frame. 





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