Photography and style, how it relates to you !

photography and Style

Photography and style are essential, and everyone has their personal tastes.

As socially acceptable normal things like fashion, cars and hair are in fact, continually updating.

These industries thrive on our vanity and often relate to how we want people to perceive us.

Technology, on the other hand, has inbuilt obsolescence.

Put old technology aside as new technology evolves.

Innovation and design affect function

Functional obsolescence arrives when components are no longer made or manufacture.  

The plans that certain parts wear quicker than other (planned obsolescence )

Obsolescence by style unlike your fashion, car or haircut, which are external components of our persona.

Photography and style are and can become obsolescence over time but nobody has noticed as it becomes familiar.

Photography or whatever your style is relates to our inner psyche or inner game.

It could relate to the inside of our homes as we choose who we let in, compared to being on show in the public arena.

Personal or public it’s often changing or for some, it will always remain the same and will never be obsolescent.

What is inside your home? What’s on your walls, what comes to mind about your STYLE?

 Are you thinking about updating your wall decor and photography style? 

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