Colour Or Black and White ?

Colour or Black & White is the question?

The answers are subject to personal opinion.

Shortly after photography’s monochromatic inception in the early 1800s, enthusiasts began experimenting with colour photography.

Once the colour film reached the masses, many photographers embraced the new development.

Some remained loyal to the black and white image.

Now, though colour photography is clearly the standard in the modern world.

Photographers still face the dilemma of deciding whether to present their images in colour or black and white.

Making a deliberate decision about colour requires a critical eye. Think about the benefits of colour and the benefits of black and white before deciding which works best for each of your images.

The Benefits of Color Photography over black and white

Colour catches the eye. Black and white will keep you looking.

Warm colours give context to an autumnal portrait.

Black and white are universal or unspecific, moody and tells a different story from a different place.

Cool colours portray winter. Tell a story with lush greens in spring. With black and white, you will need a texture for the same story.

The mood can be communicated based on a photo’s colour scheme.

For example, a cold tone can elicit a feeling of sadness or loneliness, while a warmer tone might suggest tenderness or joy.

Elements of colour theory attract a viewer’s eye when used effectively.

The ability to use complementary colours or analogous colours.  For example, to emphasize relationships between subject matter can be lost with black and white photography.

There is no right or wrong, however, you don’t want to make the wrong choice before purchasing a piece of art.

The digital age is perfect for superimposing photos on walls to get a perfect perception of how your room will finally look.

If you can’t do it yourself simply take a photo of the room and send it through to the team at Imagebank Australia and the will change the colour, size or any other alterations you want before making your final decision >



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