Tomato still Life Photography

Tomatoes Perrin Clarke Photography

Tomato Still Life Photography is one of my favourite backgrounds; it has so much character. 

Lending itself to blend with the subject adding to the shot as a whole.

If you love to photograph food and still life, but don’t have the right background/surface to use for it, I have good news for you!

In my studio, I use all kinds of bits and pieces for the background. 

I often like to use old bits of timber made of reclaimed wood, train tracks and found weathered items.

Old iron, I don’t even clean them up much. Sometimes add a varnish if I want a shiny look or deep rich texture.

Usually, old things are challenging to clean due to the texture of the surface. So after a messy food photography session, it’s a bit of cleaning up.

Therefore I try not to be messy with the food. I love simple compositions; if I’ve chopped or not keep it simple.  

Photo Prints of Tomato still Life Photography are popular for kitchens.

From the tomato came the idea to create a food still life photography series with old rustic backgrounds. 

The food is the hero of the shot in an artistic capture for wall art in my gallery 

While playing with composition, I picked up an old bit of reclaimed timber in my framing studio started thinking;

I wonder if I could photograph a full series on a rustic backdrop.

I decided to play with it and see what I could create and the tomato still life photography food series was created 

There are no limitations to what you can use as props; wood, old wallpaper, old painted wood, shabby chic tables, brick wall, marble etc.

Get your lighting right and bring the still life to life, so to speak. 

I’ve created this series for my gallery; they are simple, stylish and rustic at the same time. They add pop to any kitchen wall.

We love the acrylic print finish for hot and steamy kitchens.

Looks great and pops off the wall and is practical in the hard-working area of your home. 

Now on show at Perrin Clarke Photography Gallery 


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