Sunrise Over Terrigal Skillion

Sunrise over Terrigal Skillion:

The focus of my morning, the sunrise over Terrigal Skillion, early morning, as well as, the luck of a perfect tide.

Looking like a grey stormy day, perhaps a waste of time getting up and geared up before the sun comes up.

The lights bounce from the sky onto the rock surface, capturing all the colours of the sky over the sunrise over Terrigal Skillion

I usually capitalise on the benefit of a reflective surface. The rock shelf does that in this picture.

It isn’t quite simple as pointing the camera at the landscape and clicking away.

I try to train the eye to see the possibilities in a situation that presents itself.

Then decide how I will approach the conditions of the day.

The most straightforward approach I find is simply,  in addition, recording the reflection in a naturalistic way.

Terrigal Beachfront is dominated by a line of well-established Norfolk pines along The Esplanade.

A pathway beneath the trees leading along the beach out to Broken Head and the oddly-shaped headland known as ‘The Skillion’.

Sunrise over Terrigal Skillion exposed for the rocks f4.5 @.30 sec

Taken on the 25 /2/11 parts of the horizon were thick with a cloud

I was lucky to get to the sunrise over Terrigal Skillion, just in time to get the sun just breaking.

Even luckier with colours through this beautiful cloud formation, it’s nice getting a result when all you thought you got up for was grey cloud!

Have a great day

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