Landscape art – Making a Bedroom Beautiful

making a beautiful bedroom rex smeal park at sunset

Landscape art can take you places that you’ve visited before or dream of visiting.

A customer thought it would be the perfect image to relax in bed with, making a bedroom beautiful. This customer found our image of Rez Smeal park at sunset from our Landscape Queensland collection.

Rex Smeal Park is parkland on the Dixon Inlet side of Island Point, Port Douglas. The park is a gathering point at dusk for locals and visitors to enjoy the charter boats return from the Great Barrier Reef, watch the sunset behind the rainforest mountains and enjoy a sundowner or two.

With these memories, landscape art proved to be the perfect image for the bedroom. Imagebank Australia, our partners, printed and framed our photo beautifully.
australian landscape photography rex smeal park at sunset
Rex Smeal Park at Sunset in Port Douglas, Queensland. Beautifully printed on acrylic and framed by our great friends at Imagebank Australia.

What image would you hang in your bedroom? Check out our collections.

Carefully chosen landscape art for colours that match or complement your decor will always make a bedroom beautiful!

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