Orpheus Island Sunrise Photography





1/20 sec

Focal Length

Lens 24-70 @24mm



Crop Ratio



Shot in Raw

edit Bridge and Photoshop

Orpheus Island Photography

-18.612901, 146.484949

Orpheus Island is a world-class photography destination.

Islands on the Great Barrier Reef, coupled with, world-class spectacular sunrises, makes an excellent photography location.

Equally important, this remote Island is situated amidst the crystal clear water of the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

The tropical paradise stretches across 11kms, not to mention, immaculate turquoise coastline.

The Island is compromising of, 368 hectares of a pristine National Park, additionally, surrounding world heritage listed marine parks. 

Photography expedition to Orpheus Island with members of the AIPP, as well as, industry legend Les Walking 

The James Cook University of Australia island hosts research, together with, a development university.

Orpheus Island offers a diversity of marine, estuarine, as well as, terrestrial research.

Not to mention,  mangroves, hundreds of species of fish and corals, sponges, and the eucalypt forests that dominate the Island’s inland regions.

Some of the photographers attending were Les Walking, a world-leading expert in the Photography and fine art printing industry. He is an artist, educator and consultant in the Photography Industry.

The wild coastlines and textures of Orpheus Island at sunrise can easily get you up before light every day. 

I find it best to get set up in a position to shoot before the light comes up. Best to be ready for breaking dawn.

>Meanwhile, I also captured an intriguing Macro Photography collection of the Shale covered shoreline on this same trip. The Mangroves Collection from the Island a standout.

Orpheus Island Sunrise Far North Queensland Photography requires early starts.

Coupled with, the early morning light a cloudy day it all comes together.

Regardless, I was able to create a goldern moody morning in this magical island paradise.

I have printed this photograph two Meters in the Length.

The result is crystal clear on the Acrylic print medium.

comparatively, in regards to wall art, the acrylic is like being present for an Orpheus Island Sunrise.

View the entire Collection from Orpheus Island at my gallery in Port Douglas, Queensland or contact the gallery by calling +61 07 4099 4532 or go the Perrin Clarke online gallery to buy online. Freight included Nationwide.

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