Sugar Wharf Port Douglas




8 sec

Focal Length

Lens 16-35 @16mm



Crop Ratio



Shot in Raw

edit Bridge and Photoshop

Sugar Wharf

16.571260, 145.510524

Taken on 10th of August 2015 at 7:27 pm.It was a stunning sunset and I was on one of my photography tours in Port Douglas. The Sugar Wharf is an iconic part of Port Douglas and is certainly well photographed. It provides many angles and backdrops depending on the time of day you wish to photograph it.

The light was low and I had my Manfrotto geared tripod with me. Shutter speeds of around eight seconds were used. A cable release or wireless capture is recommended or at very least a timer on your camera,I had to opt for timer on this occasion. Luckily there was no camera movement as this is one of my favorite images of the Sugar Wharf in Port Douglas.


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